Schlappi Engineering Intros Three Body, Triple Digital FM & Phase Mod Oscillator

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Schlappi Engineering Three Body combines three FPGA-based oscillators that can be used separately or all together in a flexible cross-modulation relationship.

Eric Schlappi’s modules do not represent gentle timbres. The central point of his creations is distortion, which has been implemented in various ways to generate harsh, noise, feedback, and brutal sounds without sounding ugly.  They have a beautiful character and destroy signals in a musical way. That sounds maybe like a marketing sentence, but that’s how I like to describe its unusual interesting sound.

Three Body is the latest development from Schlappi Engineering and is a triple digital FM & phase modulation FPGA-based oscillator for Eurorack. As the name suggests, it features three digital oscillators that can be cross-modulated using frequency & phase modulation (FM/PM). On the lovely designed interface, you can see that the module has a wide range of features including two types of FM: linear and & exponential.

Schlappi Engineering Three Body

There are also plenty of modulation options on the interface that enable evolving & complex sounds: phase CV, FM index CV…  According to Eric Schlappi the module is capable of creating diverse FM/PM sounds: classic bright up to harsh noise.

Eric Schlappi showed the module at the last live stream of Perfect Circuit but also released a pure sound demo that shows impressively what the module can do. The first sound demo definitely makes you want more.

The Three Body is expected to be available late fall/winter 2020, price TBA.

More information here: Schlappi Engineering 

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