EverythingTurns Grainlight, New Polyphonic Granular Synthesizer For Reaktor 6

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EverythingTurns Grainlight is a polyphonic granular Synthesizer for Reaktor 6 that turns samples into big ambiances, soundscapes, textures & more.

Native Instruments Reaktor is one of the plugins & standalone music software products that interested me from the first minute I made music. It is a modular environment that is massively supported by a community but also by professional 3rd party developers. One of the developers I regularly follow with big interest is EverythingTurns. He has now expanded its wide range of Reaktor 6 instruments/effects with a new polyphonic granular Synthesizer.

Grainlight is a straightforward granular synth that features an advanced sample-based granular engine which offers: start, end and fine functions that set the size of the sample loop. The loop length has 5 preset sizes ranging from 10 to 1000 with random adding variation to the loop. Playing size & shape of the grain can be set with the controls attack, width, decay, or random. Further, the user can change the position and pitch mod of the grain loop playback,

Everythingturns Grainlight

Filtering, Modulations & Effects

Grainlight features two filter blocks: filter A contains eight bandpass filters that can be modulated with the filter modulation LFO. Filter B is a variable 2/4 lowpass, bandpass, highpass filter with modulation via the filter mod LFO (stereo LFO with sine, random, and drift waveforms) and control via the filter EG.

It includes two ADSR envelopes, one for the amp and another for the LFO. The filter envelope generator can be operated in an ADSR or Drone mode. After the filter section, the signal ends in a stereo multi-effects processors with two frequency shift effects and a stereo modulation/delay/reverb chain. This section can be operated in a parallel or series mode.

In parallel mode, the effect chain has two stereo channels (Channel A = Shift A + Delay/Modulation / Channel B = Shift B + Reverb). In series mode, the effect chain has one signal stereo channel (Channel A = Shift A + Delay/Modulation + Shift B + Reverb). At first look, it looks like a nice granular Synthesizer for Reaktor 6. I am happy to see such complex instruments in Reaktor, because you can still combine them with other ensembles from the User Library, for example.

EverythingTurns Grainlight is available now for £18 and is requires Reaktor 6.3.1 (full version) or later.

More information here: ET 

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