Native Instruments and iZotope are moving closer together with new unify leadership teams

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Native Instruments and iZotope are moving closer together in terms of business by creating new unify leadership teams 

And because we are already on the latest music tech business news. At Native Instruments headquarter, changes are on the agenda again. As it became known last March, NI is now working very closely with iZotope, the makers of software titles such as Ozone, RX, etc. This collaboration is a result of a recently newly founded technology group by the investment company Francisco Partner, who has shares in both companies.

Except for two free plugins, there was no relevant knowledge at that time as to how far this cooperation would go. If they plan to release their own products, a fusion of both companies… who knows.  Now both companies have announced more information and it looks like both are now moving even closer together. Especially on the business side.

Native Instruments iZotope

Press Releases

“They’re now taking the next step in coming together as a single management team as they pursue their shared mission – to streamline the music and audio production experience for creators everywhere.

Together, Native Instruments and iZotope have over 45 years of experience building products that inspire and enable creators, and this next step is a force-multiplier to the potential of future offerings. As they move further towards their shared vision of a seamless creative experience, Native Instruments and iZotope will focus on bringing innovation faster to the market by leveraging the talent of their combined research and development teams.

This next step will be led by a new, unified executive team that combines the benefits of both internal and external experience, ensuring the right focus and alignment against a shared set of aspirational goals. This team will include executives from both NI and iZotope, as well as some new voices with deep leadership experience and complementary skill-sets.

Mark Ethier

Mark Cattini & Mark Ethier

Mark Cattini will join the unified executive team as the new CEO across both organizations, bringing a fresh and complementary skill-set to the team. His proven leadership in bringing organizations together and driving innovation that meet customers’ needs, coupled with his personal passion for music, will help fuel the group’s ambitious goals to shape the future of audio creation.

Next year, co-founder and current CEO of iZotope Mark Ethier will step away from day-to-day operations in order to focus on his role on the Board of Directors. As a board member, Mark will continue to serve as an advocate and mentor, driving longer-term strategy and supporting the new executive team as an advisor.

After 20 years of building iZotope, it was a careful decision of who would lead these organizations day-to-day. In helping to select Mark Cattini and the rest of the new executive team and seeing already how their strengths complement one another, I have full confidence that I can step into this new role to drive the longer-term mission of the company.

Current Native Instruments CEO Constantin Köhncke

will continue to serve the business in a key role as Chief Commercial Officer and President of MCG across both organizations, overseeing Marketing, Sales, Brand, Customer Success, Community and Learning.

Jonathan Bailey from iZotope and Robert Linke from Native Instruments will continue to define the future of products in their respective roles as Chief Technology Officer and Chief Product Officer. Tom Kurth will serve as Chief Legal Officer, Jay Schaufeld as Chief People Officer, and Laura Gonzalez as Chief Strategy and Development Officer.

With their combined wealth of knowledge and insights, the new executive team will be well-equipped to guide and define the next stage of the shared journey for employees and customers alike. Harnessing the distinct strengths of both brands, the teams will explore new integrations of their technologies with the goal of supporting their vibrant communities of creators, producers, and engineers – no matter where they are in their journey.


The relationship between NI and iZotope is getting closer. It will certainly be interesting how this continues. For musicians, this information is certainly not of great relevance. It is more important to them what both companies will cook up in the future. New NI synths with AI power from iZotope…

I’m always a little scared when companies work so closely together, especially when a large investment company is involved. See ROLI, now Luminance. This is primarily about getting the investment back in sales. And more. We shall see what that will look like. I hope not that NI will follow the current iZotope business plan. This consists of “major” annual software updates (RX8 – RX9)..  constant plugin sales, and more & more subscription services. Please not.

I’ll look at the future and I’m curious where it all leads.

More information here: Native Instruments/iZotope

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