Stg Soundlabs Boat Rocker Is The Power Solution For Empty Moog Cases You’ve Been Waiting For

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Stg Soundlabs shows with Boat Rocker a smart 1 amp power supply with handy features for your empty Moog Mother 32/DFAM… case

Stg Soundlabs or known as Suit & Tie Guy has today released the Boat Rocker, a clever drop-in Eurorack power supply for empty Moog 60HP Mother 32/DFAM/BFAM/Subharmonicon/Spectravox boats. This allows you to continue using your empty Moog case, but be careful, the danger of further GAS is great here. According to the developer, further versions of this product will follow, with the same mainboard.

Boat Rocker offers classic +12v, -12v, and +5v rails which are divided into two independently-regulated groups of 5 connectors. Each group can absolutely provide at least 500mA per rail giving you a full amp of each rail in the case total. It gets power from a supplied 15-volt external “brick” style PSU, which is included in the package.

Boat Rocker Details

The idea of splitting the rails into two groups in such a small case is pretty clever because so you can isolate modules that maybe generate crosstalk across shared power rails. The PCB also includes an integrated STG-Sync bus distribution to 4 connectors. It is fed from the rear panel 1/4″ TRS jack and follows the Arturia/Behringer DIN sync spec of 24ppq clock on the tip, run gate on the ring, and ground on the sleeve. Stg Soundlabs says:

You should be able to use a simple 3.5mm->1/4″ TRS cable (which can even be found at Wal-Mart!) to drive the sync bus from an Arturia Beatstep Pro with its default settings out of the sync connector. Behringer drum machines will need to have certain parameters set, please consult your manual.

The kit also includes 3 screws for mounting the power supply in the case, in the rear channel, and 20 square M3 nuts so you can actually mount a useful number of modules in the case! What you have to do yourself is make are two holes in the case for powering and STG-Sync bus. Boat Rocker was expertly engineered by Detachment 3.

At first, a nice solution to instill in your Moog Case life. Pretty nice especially for little effect racks that you can use separately from your big system. A little expensive but you have to consider it comes from a small company from the USA. It is not known whether this is also compatible with the Behringer Eurorack 104 case.

Stg Soundlabs Boat Rocker is available soon for $199 USD and shipping starts in 2 weeks.

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