Shakmat Modular Bard Quartet, A Programmable Quad Quantizer With Lots Of Musical Finesse

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With the Bard Quartet, the Belgian manufacturer Shakmat Modular shows a very musical and clever programmable quad quantizer for Eurorack

Shakmat Modular from Brussels (Belgium) is known in the Eurorack world for very clever and helpful modules. Especially all the modules that give your modular setup a musical depth are great and worth mentioning here: Clock O’Pawn, Four Bricks Rook & more.

For Superbooth 20 Home Edition, the developer expands this range of utterly useful modules with the Bard Quartet, a new easy-to-program quad quantizer with several interesting features.


The module feature a built-in keyboard with which you can quickly program notes or even chords. In each channel, you can edit the scale, octave shift, and the I/O assignation. One of the highlights is the harmony function that lets you store and recall all 4 channel settings in seconds. It allows you to make progressive harmonies, chord creation, or any evolutive harmonic arrangement very quickly and easily. The settings can be recalled manually or animated via CV.

The module has a non-volatile memory onboard containing 80 harmonic configurations. On top of that, Bard Quartet features a micro tuning function, where each note of each channel is detunable independently! This makes it very flexible and stands out from other quantizers in my opinion. According to the developer, it brings controllable detuned harmony to the table that is way more interesting than play in tune.

A demo will be released during SB20 HE.

Shakmat Modular Bard Quartet price & Availability: TBA

More information here: Shakmat Modular

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