Elektron Teases Something New For February 26th, “Meet The Machines”

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Elektron today surprises his FB followers with a colorful teaser “meet the machines” for a possible new product on February 26th, maybe a next-gen Monomachine?

Although the number of new synthesizers that was presented at NAMM this year was very large, there were also some companies that did not introduce anything. Like Teenage Engineering or Elektron. The latter has been very active at NAMM in recent years (Model:Samples, Digitone, Digitakt…) not at all this year. Interesting, maybe the new Swedish way. Today Elektron has posted a teaser on Facebook that gets the topic going and that 1 month after the NAMM.

With the words: “Meet the Machines” and with a very special video animation, the company is teasing something new what they will present on February 26th.

Elektron Meet the machines

Monomachine Mk3 / Monomachine Reinvented?

The “meet the machines” video is also accompanied by sounds that, in my opinion, sound like an Elektron Monomachine or a new Synthesizer that goes in the same area, with the same flexibility, maybe a next-gen MM. As a reminder, Elektron Monomachine is a super powerful Synthesizer/groove box that offers five unique synthesis types (SID, VO, FM+, SuperWave, DigiPro), effects plus a six-track sequencer with advanced features including parameter lock.

A successor would make sense, wouldn’t it

Get ready to…

…meet the Machines. 26.02.20..#elektron #meettheMachines

Gepostet von Elektron am Freitag, 21. Februar 2020

We will find out by February 26 at the latest what Elektron is currently keeping secret.

More information here: Elektron

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    • People always post something like that but always forget that different people work on different products. The Overbridge Team likely has not much to do with the hardware team.

  1. Its a model:FM is my guess. Not a big pro machine, but a smaller, cheaper one to sell sound packs for. Surely they wont add a machine to include in overbridge…

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