UVI Vintage Vault 3, A Virtual Synthesizer Museum With Over 10.000 Patches For Your DAW

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UVI Vintage Vault 3 makes the Synthesizer history playable in the form of 65 virtual instruments, now also with sounds from 4 iconic Japanese synths.

More is more, and you can’t get enough sounds. UVI thought so too. With the Vintage Vault 3, the bundle is already entering its third round with more virtual instruments and sounds. The version now includes 65 sample-based UVI synth instruments with over 10.000 presets, 500.000 + samples and more. The 10,000 presets will keep you busy for the next few months, for sure!

VV3 features 7 new products including FM Suite, PX P10, PX V8, String Machines 2, USQ-1, UVX670 and one brand new instrument called JP Legacy. It’s a new 4-instrument suite exploring the iconic Japanese synth lines. It offers hundreds of patches that are based on sampled sounds from the Roland Jupiter 4, Jupiter 6, Jupiter 8 and MKS-80. These are built into an engine that invites you to craft your own sounds.

UVI Vintage Vault 3

Vintage Vault 3 delivers the authentic sound of 250 vintage instruments including over 110 drum machines utilizing a sample-based approach, providing sounds directly from the real hardware. Starting with handcrafted patches on classic synths and drum machines, this collection provides all the nuance, character and grit of the original circuits – providing that “hit record sound” without the need for additional processing or CPU-intensive emulations.

Vintage Vault 3 Includes

  • Beatbox Anthology 2
  • Cameo
  • CS-M
  • Darklight IIX
  • Digital Synsations
  • Digital Synsations Vol. 2
  • Emulation One
  • Emulation II
  • Energy
  • FM Suite (NEW)
  • JP Legacy (NEW)
  • Kroma 1.5
  • Mello
  • OB Legacy
  • PX Apollo
  • PX P10 (NEW)
  • PX V8 (NEW)
  • String Machines 2 (NEW)
  • Synthox
  • The Beast
  • U1250
  • Ultramini
  • USQ-1 (NEW)
  • UVS-3200
  • UVX670 (NEW)
  • UVX80
  • UVX-3P
  • UVX-10P
  • Vector Pro
  • Waverunner

UVI Vintage Vault 3 is available now for an introductory price of $399/399€ (after Jan 31st, 2020 $599/599€). The following upgrades are available:

  • Owner of Vintage Vault 1 or 2: $199/199€ ($299/299€ after Jan. 31st, 2020)
  • Owner of Vintage Vault 1 or 2 + individual products included in VV3: please check your account for an additional discount good through Jan 31st
  • Owner of individual products from VV3 (value $149/149€ and $297/297€), can upgrade for $349/349€ ($499/499€ after Jan. 31st, 2020)
  • Owner o individual products from VV3 (value of $298/298€ or more can upgrade for $299/299€ ($499/499€ after Jan. 31st, 2020)

UVI JP Legacy is also available now for $199/199€ or as part of the Vintage Vault 3 bundle.

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