Twisted Electrons Intros MEGAfm, New Desktop Dual YM2612 Based FM Synthesizer

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With the new MEGAfm, Twisted Electrons has introduced a new desktop FM Synthesizer that offers an engine that is inspired by the Sega Megadrive/Genesis gaming console (YM2612 chip).

Twisted Electrons have been known for a long time to provide the synthesizer market with beautiful 8-bit instruments. For the new project, they converted the Sega Megadrive/Genesis game console sound core into a flagship synth. MEGAfm is a new desktop Synthesizer that uses and abuses the vintage YM2612 FM chip originally found in these consoles.

According to the developers, is MEGAfm not a complicated FM synth but a user-friendly and intuitive instrument with 32 operator faders, 14 knobs, and 15 buttons. Soundwise, it is less reminiscent of a classic FM synth but has a very characterful tone allowing a broad sound palette ranging from beautiful plucked strings to growly distorted bass lines thanks to the YM2612 chip.

Twisted Electrons Megafm

Twisted Electrons MEGAfm Engine

MEGAfm uses two YM2612 chips that offer each 6 voices of crispy FM with 4 operators per voice and 8 algorithms. Simple calculation: it’s a 12 voice FM Synthesizer spread across two outputs or summed to one. It also features 3 LFOs that can modulate any parameter, a 7-mode arpeggiator, a SH-style step sequencer, and 4 voicing modes to play with: Poly12, stereo/wide6, special CH3 mode, 12 voice unison with detune/fat knob.

Besides this, it comes with a preset randomizer system and the possibility to save up to 50 presets in the unit. You can easy upload/download banks via SYSEX.


  • 12 Voice Polyphony
  • Dual YM2612 FM chips (included)
  • 8 Algorithms
  • 50 preset (saving to any slot) and easy upload/download of banks to and from computer vis SYSEX.
  • Preset randomiser
  • 4 Voicing modes (Poly12, stereo/wide6, special CH3 mode, 12 voice unison with detune/fat knob
  • Stereo or Mono output (1 chip per channel or both chips summed)
  • 32 Sliders for total control of all 4 operators
  • 14 knobs
  • 15 buttons
  • 23 LEDS, LED numeric display.
  • 3 lfos to modulate any parameter
  • 7-mode arpeggiator with transposable Sh-style step sequencer
  • Vibrato with depth and rate
  • MIDI clock on all LFOs, ARP and Vibrato
  • Dual 6.35mm TS output and 6.35mm Stereo Headphones output
  • Brushed/Anodized Aluminum Case
  • Sturdy metal panel bolted potentiometers
  • DIN5 MIDI input with MIDI channel learn and thru/out

Twisted Electrons MEGAfm is available now for pre-order for €474.

More information here: Twisted Electrons

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  1. Lovely <3
    Unfortunately, 474€ is the price excluding VAT and shipping. The total price is above 600€… Heartbreaking </3

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