2HP Intros Lunchbox, Cute Portable 42HP Eurorack Case & 3 New Modules Including A Looper

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2HP Lunchbox is a super portable and cute fully powered 42HP Eurorack case made for modular Synthesizers on the go. 

What a cute system. The new 2HP Lunchbox case is designed to be taken anywhere: to the studio, on a plane, or performing at your next modular picnic. They will offer four different versatile systems, each for a specific area: Picnic Basket, Synth Voice, Drum Machine, and Effects Box.

Synth Voice, Drum Machine and Effects Box we know what kind of box it is but what is Picnic Basket. Mmh a good question. One thing is sure: these new systems will offer a lot of functionalities in a small space.

2hp Launchbox

3 New Modules For NAMM 2020

2HP will also introduce three new modules at NAMM 2020. The first one is called Loop and is a sound on sound looper with up to 5 minutes of audio buffer with 48kHz and 24 bit. Secondly, Comp is a new compressor module for the Eurorack format with side chain functionality.

2hp loop

Lastly, there is Pitch Black a new time-domain pitch shifter with flutter control.

2hp Lunchbox will be released in March 2020, price TBA.  2hp Loop will be released in April for $149, Comp Black in May for $129 and Pitch for $119 in June 2020.

More information here: 2hp

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