Waves Intros Abbey Road Saturator, MDMX Distortion Plugin Pack & OneKnob Wetter For FREE (24hrs)

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Waves is celebrating Cyber Monday with two new releases (Abbey Road Saturator, MDMX), a free reverb plugin and 150 plugins on sale for $29,99 each.

That one believes the biggest spectacle comes to Black Friday, wrong thought. In addition to many new special deals for Cyber Monday (150 plugins, $29,99 each), Waves has today introduced two new plugin products, more precisely 4. Abbey Road Saturator is a new plugin that brings musical analog saturation & distortion from the legendary Abbey Road Studios to your DAW.

Further, they released MDMX Distortion Modules, a new collection of 3 versatile distortion plugins based on musicians’ all-time favorites: Screamer, Overdrive, and Fuzz. Thus, Berzerk, which was free for Black Friday, was just a teaser of these new products. On top of this, you can get the Waves OneKnob Wetter reverb plugin for free but only today.

Abbey Road Saturator MDMX

Abbey Road Saturator

Modeled directly from time-proven saturation chains at Abbey Road Studios, Abbey Road Saturator provides inspiring saturation and distortion unlike any other device. The plugin offers two versatile desk distortion flavors: the crunchy tube REDD sound, and the rounded solid-state TG12345 tone—with the sophisticated input, gain and output stages of both consoles calibrated to perfection by Abbey Road’s engineers.

But it doesn’t end here. Abbey Road engineers were known to experiment endlessly with the wealth of original EMI gear at their disposal—pushing the equipment to its limits and reaching “happy accidents.” Abbey Road Saturator captures the very happiest of such accidents.


  • Created in collaboration with Abbey Road Studios.
  • Accurate recreation of crunchy tube & smooth solid-state analog saturation flavors.
  • The rare EMI TG12321 Compander excites the input pre-saturation: a method pioneered by the 1st generation of Abbey Road pop engineers.
  • Detailed pre- and post-gain EQ to shape the distortion character.
  • Phase knob dramatically alters the distortion sound.
  • Flexible control of the Compander’s crossover frequencies.
  • M/S processing allows distortion to affect just mid or just sides.
  • Mix control to blend the saturated/distorted signal with the original signal.
  • Presets by Grammy®-winning producers & engineers Lu Diaz, Joe Barresi, Dave Pensado, many more.

MDMX Distortion Modules (Plugins)

MDMX plugins offer serious tweakability: On-board dynamics, EQ and tone controls; “Temperature” controls to tweak overall color and warmth; Mix controls to blend the clean and distorted signals; M/S processing to distort just the mids or sides of the signal—a great way to fit an instrument into the mix and change the way a sound relates to the space around it.

The MDMX interfaces lay all these options right in front of you: No menu diving, no learning curve, just colorful noisy goodness that will add serious heat and aggression to your synths, vocals, drums, bass, guitars—anything.


  • 3 distortion plugins based on musicians’ all-time favorites.
  • SCREAMER: Classic overdrive with round saturated tones.
  • OVERDRIVE: Fat drive from soft-clipped subtle to full-power aggressive.
  • FUZZ: 2 classic fuzz flavors with octave effects for added thickness.
  • Versatile toolkit for synths, bass, vocals, drums, guitars & more.
  • High tweakability with on-board dynamics, EQ, tone controls & more.
  • Dynamics choice between gain riding vs. compression for extra punch.
  • M/S processing to distort only the mids or only the sides.
  • Temperature knobs to control output color & warmth.
  • Presets by Grammy-winning mixers Lu Diaz, Dave Pensado, more.

Waves Cyber Monday sale includes 150 plugins, each on sale for $29.99 USD and when you buy two, you will get an additional for free so you pay $20 per plugin. OneKnob Wetter is available for free only today!

Waves Abbey Road Saturator and MDMX Distortion Modules are on sale in a special CM bundle for only $49.99 USD. After this promotion, the prices will be $199 for the Abbey Road Saturator and $99 for the MDMX plugins.

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