Overloud Echoson Plugin Recreates The Legendary Binson Echorec Delay!

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Echoson is the newest release from Overloud and simulates the legendary Binson Echorec, known from Pink Floyd as an plugin for PC & Mac!

Overloud has announced today the official release of Echoson, a new delay plugin that emulates the legendary Binson Echorec hardware drum delay. Per example, Pink Floyd has used this hardware delay to create the famous psychedelic echo sound from the 60s and 70s. This new release is a new title in the Gems line of high-end plugins dedicated to mixing and mastering tasks.

Beside the emulation, the developers also added many new features.


ECHOSON, the revolutionary simulation of a legendary Drum Delay, originally manufactured by the Italian company Binson. ECHOSON goes beyond the mere simulation of the original unit, by adding features not available in the hardware. One of the main addition is the option to double the processor panel to have it working on a stereo pair of audio channels with cross-feedbacks between the channels.

The original units have been manufactured in the ’60s and ’70s by an Italian company. They are currently in high demand thanks to their unique tone which adds a touch of personality to modern recordings.


  • Super-realistic recreation of the lush ethereal original tone.
  • Independent control of each playback head.
  • Stereo operating mode with separate controls for the left and right.
  • Dual-mono, Stereo and Reverb modes allow to create wider soundscapes.
  • Adjustable disc speed to change delay time, with BPM sync option.
  • Built-in parametric equalizer.
  • User adjustable wow/flutter and electrical noise.
  • Multilevel undo-redo.
  • A/B Comparison.
  • Scribble Strips: take notes anywhere on the plugin panel.

Overloud Echoson is available now for VST/AU/AAX/Standalone at an introductory 30% OFF discount, priced at $74 USD (regular $119 USD). The sale ends October 11th, 2018.

More information here: Overloud 

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