Roland Jupiter-Xm Synthesizer, Sound Demo Of All Three Filter Emulations

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Roland Jupiter-Xm has 3 different filter emulations (SH-101, Moog Ladder & Sequential Curtis) which are freely selectable and you can hear them here

With great interest, we followed in September the release of the new Roland synthesizers. One of them is the Roland Jupiter Xm, a new multi-timbral digital Synthesizer that is powered by the new Zen Core synthesis engine. As you know, this engine emulates familiar vintage Roland synths like the SH-101, Jupiter 8 and more. It interesting is here that you can combine these engines freely here.

So you are not fixated on a synthesizer but you use the oscillators from one synth and filter from another. Unfortunately, Roland is a bit frugal with detailed information about their new synthesizers. Gattobus, a well-known sound designer, however, gives us more information here with his new video.

Roland Jupiter-Xm Filter

A Variety Of Filter Models

In the video, you learn that the Roland Jupiter-Xm zen core synthesis engine has three different filters: a Roland SH-Filter (SH-101 emulation), a Moog style 24dB/oct ladder filter and a Sequential Curtis style filter emulation.

The video shows how good the engine sounds when combined with 4 synth layers (SH-101, JX-8P, Juno 106, Jupiter-8, and a TR-808 kick drum track. Above all, you can hear the different filters in action.

Roland Jupiter-Xm is available now for pre-order for 1499€. Jupiter-X will be released in April 2020.

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