Polyend Medusa, Hybrid Synth With An Innovative Touch Has A New Lower Price, 799€

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Polyend Medusa merges great analogs with innovative digital technology into a very unique 3D expressive instrument and now has a lower price

Polyend is celebrating the fourth anniversary of the company this week. Happy Birthday from my side. They celebrate this event with a big discount on the Medusa hybrid Synthesizer which they have developed in collaboration with the analog experts of Dreadbox.

Medusa is available now for 799€ instead of 999€ what is a big 20% OFF discount. Plus, you get a set of colorful knobs for free with which you can customize your unit. Whether this is a permanent new price is not known. Polyend writes that one will see.

Medusa Hybrid lower price

Polyend Statement

Today Polyend is celebrating its 4th birthday. Here’s a nice little gift for you because of this occasion – from now on the Medusa Hybrid Synth has a new lower price. Hope you’ll enjoy.

The Slightly Different Synthesizer

Polyend Medusa offers a flexible hybrid engine which is divided into an analog (Dreadbox) and digital part. The synth engine features

  • three sync analog oscillators (4 classic wave types)
  • one 24dB classic Dreadbox analog filter with three different types
  • FM for the oscillators & filter
  • analog noise generator with color shaping
  • three digital wavetable oscillators with a choice of 64 morphable wavetables
  • three play modes: mono, semi polyphonic x3, and polyphonic 6x
  • audio input for external audio sources
  • five independent LFOs
  • five independent, adjustable and loopable DADSR envelopes
  • mixer for all seven paths of independent analog, digital, and noise voices
  • MPE compatible
  • Drone mode

Play Me Differently

What makes Medusa very special is its operation. It does not have a classic keyboard with 25 or 49 keys but a grid with 64 fully responsive and customizable, 3D expressive pads with assignable musical scales and different layouts. The Grid can store 128 presets of voices, chords memory, sequences and more than one hundred modulators per step.

Super powerful and creative is here that you can use any modulation parameter per preset for X, Y, and Z pressure axis. Plus, you can record parameter automation as much you want. On top, you can use Medusa not only as a Synthesizer but also as a unique expressive musical controller.

Polyend Medusa New Price

If you are looking for a Synthesizer that is different, expressive and fuse analog & digital technology in an innovative way, check out the Medusa. From now on, Medusa has a new price (799€) and is now all the more interesting and affordable for more musicians.

More information here: Polyend

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