Caelum Audio Tape Pro, Tape Saturation & FX Tool Kit For PC, Mac & iOS

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Caelum Audio Tape Pro is the big brother of the free Tape Cassette 2 and is a versatile audio processor plugin for tape saturation, characterful distortions, and vintage delay effects.

If you want to give a sound or your track character, there is almost no way around tape simulations. They are perfect to add warmth, noise, or slight degradations to your sounds. Back in June, Caelum Audio published the Tape Cassette 2, a free tape emulation plugin for PC, Mac & iOS that you should not miss. The company recently took this popular plugin to the pro level.

Tape Pro is a tape emulation but also a complete FX tool kit for saturated, characterful sounds. A microcassette tape (1,2 cm/s), vintage-inspired tape machine with weird behavior, delay with thickening effect…, Tape Pro is fully adjustable in many ways.

Caelum Audio Tape Pro

Caelum Audio Tape Pro

Tape Pro is compromised of five modules: saturation, response, noise, wow & flutter, and delay. The signal chain starts with the saturation module that heats up your sounds thanks to five different saturation types: tape, digital, rectify, half-rectify, sine & smooth. With additional 5 parameters, you can tweak them to your taste. Thus, it’s not just a traditional tape saturator but also a distortion unit, and more.

The next stage consists of a response module that models the dynamic frequency response of tape. Different types are available, based on impulse responses and three dedicated parameters. This module is capable of infusing warmth, presence, or unusual textures in your audio. Then, the noise module is fully customizable and applies real, sampled tape noises to the signal chain.

Also onboard is a tweakable wow & flutter section that emulates the natural irregularities in the physical medium of tape. The behavior that we love and appreciate about tape machines. Wow recreates the low-speed fluctuations of tape speed, while Flutter recreates the high speed fluctuations. Last but not least, it offers a vintage-inspired tape delay module with 11 user parameters.

Tape Pro looks like a very interesting, versatile tape emulation that can do much more than just saturation.

Caelum Audio Tape Pro is available now for an introductory price of £29.99 (25% OFF) for PC & Mac (VST3 & AU). The iOS version is available for 4.49€ on the Apple AppStore. Tape Cassette 2 is a free download for PC, Mac & iOS (AUv3).

More information here: Caelum Audio

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