AudioKit Pro FM Player 2, A Massive Update With AUv3 Support, Revised Sound Engine & More

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AudioKit Pro FM Player 2 is here and shows the top dogs how iOS music apps should look & sound in 2019: AUv3 support & more

Back in 2017, the AudioKit Pro team has released FM Player, an excellent sounding free FM Synthesizer for iOS. At that time, I also reported about the background of this app. Actually, FM Player was only released as a test app, which wanted to show what you can do with the AudioKit code: designing own player apps with own sounds. The opposite happened: the actual test app for the code became a star and a download hit on the Apple App Store.

Now the adventure continues and the developers have released FM Player 2, a heavily revised version. “Dear Japanese developers, check out what AudioKit did with their app, it’s time to wake up from the app sleep”. The highlight of the new version is AUv3 support with which you can use the app in multiple instances.

AudioKit Pro FM Player 2

Further, it includes many new sounds, new onboard effects (stereo-phaser, vintage chorus, flanger…), arpeggiator/step sequencer and more. Here is the list of the new features in FM Player 2

New Features

  • AUv3 Plugin and Standalone support.
  • Vintage Arp/Step Sequencer
  • 3x as many samples, while using less storage space!
  • NEW FX: Gorgeous Stereo-Phaser
  • NEW FX: Vintage Chorus, Flanger, Amp Simulator, and more
  • Dual sound layers per voice.
  • Keyboard Splits. Morph between sounds.
  • 3 LFOs. LFOs can modify other LFOs
  • ADSR: Attack/Decay/Sustain/Release per Layer
  • Space-saving Compression. More sounds, less space.
  • Tempo-sync controls &Ableton Link
  • This update saves 100mb+ of storage space.
  • Mono glide & legato
  • Pitch & Mod wheel controls & routings
  • Improved Presets Panel & Preset Search
  • Hundreds of other fixes & updates!
  • Dual Independent Low-Pass, High-Pass, and Band-Pass filters

The developers promise even more free presets in the near future. One other big news: FM Player 2 is no longer free and is very understandable. The developers have put a lot of time into the work, especially to implement features like AUv3. The work should also be rewarded and this decision is the right direction. Nothing changes for users of the FP1 app. The 2.0 version is a free update. Thanks for this!

AudioKit Pro FM Player 2 is available now for $0.99 USD until 15th of August 2019 (regular $7.99 USD). FM Player 2 is a free update for existing FP1 users.

More information here: AudioKit Pro

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