Noise Engineering Introduced 3 Pitch-CV Utility Modules: Quantus Pax, Quant Gemi & Vox Digitalis

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Noise Engineering has today released three new Eurorack modules that serve as little helpers for advanced pitch-CV manipulation: Quantus Pax, Quant Gemi & Vox Digitalis.

Noise Engineering Pitch-CV Modules

Quantus Pax: 4 Functions In One Module

Quantus Pax is a four-channel precision adder, buffered multiple, and polyphonic transposition utility. Each channel has two CV inputs and can be further modified by the three Xpose inputs. QP is made with high-quality low-tolerance resistors for unbeatable accuracy.

Patch-wide key changes, polyphonic movement, mathematically derived melodies, and more are all to be had with this simple but useful utility.

Quant Gemi: Transposer & Splitter

Quant Gemi is a small transposition/split utility. Each channel can be used to transpose a sequence up 0, 1, or 2 octaves. The channels are also normalized together so the same sequence can be split up to 4 ways and transposed separately.

Vox Digitalis: 16-Step Sequencer In 4HP

Small, easy-to-program sequencers are a bit of a rarity. Vox Digitalis is our answer to this issue. With intuitive displays and simple controls, VD is perfect for all your pitch CV needs. Set your sequence length, dial in each note, randomize, save and load 16 sequences — VD does all the stuff the big sequencers do, just in 4hp.

Clever here: it also has time-quantized patch loading options, so your patterns can always load on the boat or at the end of a measure.

Noise Engineering Quat Gemi and Vox Digitalis cost $155 USD each, Quantus Pax is $225 USD. All three new modules are now in stock and available now.

More information here: Noise Engineering 

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