Zero-G Surface Tension Review, Synthetic Sounds Meet Organic In A Kontakt 5 Instrument

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Zero-G Surface Tension is a sample-based virtual instrument for Kontakt 5 (full version) that features 1.45 GB of sound content. The samples are built-in a two-layer architecture that various features. For each layer, the user can select one sample and combine it with a second one. There are more than 29000 different combinations with the built-in sounds possible.

In each layer, there are also different parameters (volume, pan, tune & drive)  and additional tools available: different filter types, filter & amp envelope, LFO… With a mixer in the center of the interface, the user can adjust precisely the amount of each layer. To refine the sounds, the Surface Tension engine includes a handful of good effects: delay, reverb, EQ, chorus, distortion, flanger…  For those who need instantly playable sounds, the library offers over 200 versatile presets.

Zero-G Surface Zension Review

Surface Tension is made up of the following resources:

  • Kontakt Instrument* – with custom GUI and over 200 presets
  • Audio Loops – available as AIFF Apple Loops or Acidized Wav files
  • Impulse Responses – for use with any third party convolution reverb


Surface Tension has, in my opinion, a very simple but clever engine which one can deal with for a long time. You do not have to be a sound design professional to master them. Simply select two samples per mouse click and you already have your sound base. With some simple setting adjustments, you can design very quickly your own new sounds from scratch. Interesting is here the origin of the sounds. All samples are derived from an electric guitar, but they do not sound like it. They have the character of a very atmospheric texture Synthesizer.

The result (samples + interface) is a very versatile playable virtual instrument that offers a perfect mixture of synthetic and organic sounds. That’s the exciting thing about it. For me, the included sounds: atmospheres, drones, pads, fx… has both elements. Besides this, it includes also lovely key sounds ranging from bright atmospheric keys, dark textured piano, and more. Not to forget, the entire sound content is also available as AIFF & wav files that give you the possibility to use the samples also in other samplers, Synthesizers… It’s also nice that the impulse responses files from the engine are also available as individual files.

On the whole, Surface Tension is a very nice Kontakt 5 virtual instrument that has a very own sound. In many sounds, you can see that the developers put a lot of efforts and detail into this music product. The library is especially interesting for musicians that work a lot with atmospheric sounds in soundtracks or ambient products.


  • the synthetic & organic sound character
  • intuitive & straightforward designed engine & interface
  • Sound design without being a professional
  • wide range of presets
  • samples in AIFF and .wav format
  • impulse responses library included


  • no Kontakt Player & NKS support
  • older GUI

Surface Tension is available now for 72,95€ as a download on the Time+Space website. It’s only compatible with the Kontakt 5/6 (full version. Kontakt Player is not supported.

More information: Zero-G Surface Tension

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