MFB Revived The 301 Analog Drum Machine As 301-Pro With New Features

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Happy Birthday, MFB-301. To celebrate the birthday, the Berlin-based company has today unveiled the MFB-301-Pro, a revival of the well-known analog drum machine. The small drum computer has been completely reworked on feature and sound level. It offers 8 analog drum- and percussion instrument, a sequencer with up to 16 steps (32 steps with pattern chaining), storage for 108 patterns and 36 songs.

Each of the 8 instruments comes with various parameters to tweak via MIDI CC and can be recorded into the sequence in real time. Synchronization is available via MIDI clock or an analog clock signal. The unit is powered by USB which is very handy. Great to see back this little vintage drum machine in 2019 and especially because of the new features, analog sound, and the affordable price.

MFB-301 Pro


The MFB-301 Pro drum computer is a modern version of our classic MFB-301. It offers eight analog drum- and percussion-instruments which are based upon the original circuits being used in the MFB-301 and the clap-module MFB-401. However, the circuits have been further refined for the Pro-version.
The MFB-301 Pro offers a sequencer with up to 16 steps, capable of storing 108 patterns and 36 songs. By chaining two patterns it allows creating beats with 32 steps. A global shuffle mode with five graduations will make your beats swing. Programming can be carried out in real time or step by step.

All instruments can be adjusted in three sound parameters and in level. The sound parameters pitch, note length and attack can individually be set per step. In addition, the values may also be controlled by MIDI CC commands and recorded into the sequence in real time. All instrument levels can be adjusted separately and being programmed per track. The MFB-301 Pro can be synchronized to a MIDI clock or an analog clock signal. Available are stereo outputs as well an an adjustable headphones output.

Power supply comes from the included USB-power adapter. The unit can be updated via its USB port, but only Windows PC’s. MFB-301 Pro is the ideal expansion for MFB Tanzmaus. Combined, all instruments of the MFB Tanzbär 1 are available. Also, the MFB-301 Pro can be controlled and even be programmed from MFB Tanzmaus via MIDI.


  • 8 analog instruments, modified and updated from MFB-301 and MFB-401
  • step-sequencer with 16 steps
  • 108 pattern memory locations, 36 song memory locations
  • Real time and step by step programming
  • Adjustable, programmable level per track
  • Pitches, note lengths, and attacks, programmable per step
  • Pitches, note lengths and attacks, controllable by MIDI CC
  • MIDI-velocity available for all instruments
  • Controllable and programmable from MFB Tanzmaus

MFB-301 Pro drum computer will be available at the end of April  for 149€

More information here: MFB 

Hardware Drum Machine 

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