Nave Electronics Announced Polymorph Analog Synthesizer!

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A modern Polyvox Synthesizer!

Nave Electronics has recently released a teaser video of a new synth that is not a re-issue of the Quasimidi Polymorph but a new analog Synthesizer that is based on original Polyvox schematics.

Nave Electronic Polymorph


The Polymorph is an analog synthesizer that is either monophonic or even duo/paraphonic. It depends on how exactly they apply it to the original. In a Facebook post the developer writes that the VCO, VCF and VCA are based on original Polyvox schematics to get the authentic Polyvox sound.

Features (not yet confirmed)

If you we look at the interface, the Polymorph features are:

  • 2 VCO’s with four different waveforms
  • PWM, FM and RM
  • Mixer
  • Noise generator
  • External audio input.
  • Low & bandpass filter
  • Filter mod: ADSR, LFO and CV input
  • LFO: 8 different waveforms including the option to sync to the MIDI clock
  • VCA with gate and ADSR
  • VCA ADSR can be used for PWM
  • Display: no information about saving presets, maybe just for the value of parameters.
  • MIDI In/Thru
  • CV/Gate

If the Synthesizer becomes a monophonic or paraphonic instrument, the name is not logical chosen. Under Polymorph one expects a large polyphonic and not a mono Synthesizer.

Availability, details and price are expected to be announced in February 2019.

More information here: Nave Electronics 

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