Strymon Volante Is A New Magnetic Echo Machine Pedal For Sound Designers!

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Strymon is back with a new effect pedal that is green and based on vintage tape delays. It features three magnetic delay types (drum echo, tape echo, reel-to-reel studio), a looper and a vintage spring reverb. On top, it comes four onboard delay playback heads each with individual feedback, panning and level controls.

As with any pedal, the Strymon development team is taking a step forward with the features. In Volante it’s possible to dial in mechanically related speed fluctuations, payback head wear and adjust the spacing between heads. It comes also with performance & studio features like MIDI integration, up to 8 onboard presets, stereo panning, expression input and more. It looks a bit shrilly green, but it sounds excellent and unique again. Looking forward for more demos with synths.

Strymon Volante Magnetic Echo Machine


  • recreation of analog-style echoes 
  • 3 magnetic delay types: magnetic drum echo, tape echo, and reel-to-reel studio echo
  • 4 playback heads with individual control over level, feedback, and panning
  • 3 echo machine speeds exhibit an interesting range of effects
  • magnetic record head saturation yields warm, luscious delay signals
  • looper with reverse, tape stop, and speed change effects
  • variable head spacing creates interesting sonic interactions
  • produce sonic cacophony with self-oscillating feedback loops
  • dedicated spring reverb adds dimension to your playing
  • tap tempo footswitch lets you set tempo on the fly
  • provides instant access to 8 presets with up to 300 available via MIDI
  • expression pedal input for instantaneous, continuous control
  • instrument/line-level capabilities make it equally at home on your pedalboard or in the studio
  • selectable true bypass/analog buffered bypass switching

Strymon Volante is available now for pre-order for $399 USD (plus tax)/435€ via the Strymon Store and any official retailer.

More information here: Strymon

Available here for pre-order: Strymon Volante

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