SP-2400 Hardware Sampler News: First Pictures & It’s Not From Behringer!

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Over the last few days, a picture of an SP-2400 sampler circulating in the synth communities, even on the Synth Anatomy website. What we now know: it’s not from Behringer and it will not be a clone but a kind of spiritual successor of the iconic SP-1200 sampler. The Synth YouTuber and sound designer fluxwithit today released exclusive information about this new instrument.

What we know now: it can work with 24bit and 12bit, will have an aluminum construction, analog filter, individual outputs, classic sound with classic workflow and more.

sp2400dark sp2400grey 53110733_349405422620876_6348899615625969664_n

Fluxwithit has made a livestream on his YouTube channel where he talked a bit more about the SP-2400 sampler.

Check on the regular basis the fluxwithit website for updates.

More information will follow!

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