Sequential Released Pro 2 Firmware Update 1.4 With Linear FM, New Sequencer Features & More!

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Sequential Pro2 Synthesizer firmware 1.4 is here and brings DX-style linear FM, new sequencer features, alternate tunings & more!

It seems like we are in the weeks where manufacturers update older synths. After updating Bass Station 2 this week, Sequential is now following with the Pro 2 Synthesizer. Today, the former Dave Smith Instruments crew released firmware update 1.4 of the Pro synth with DX-style linear FM, new sequencer features, alternate tunings and more!

For all users of the Pro 2, this is an excellent free update and it’s nice to see that older synths also receives updates in 2018.

Sequential Pro 2 Synthesizer firmware 1.4


The Pro 2 is a fusion of classic analog Synthesizer design and cutting-edge digital technology. It boasts four high-resolution digital oscillators, plus a sub oscillator. The oscillators produce both classic and complex wave shapes and can frequency and amplitude modulate each other in any operator and modulator configurations you choose for harmonically-rich FM and AM sounds. A set of Character controls adds high and low frequency boost, bit and sample rate reduction, and tape saturation emulation to the Pro 2’s sonic palette.

New In Pro 2 OS.1.4:

  • Linear frequency modulation for classic DX-style FM.
  • Arpeggiator Beat Sync. This Global parameter quantizes keyboard performance of the arpeggiator so that notes are triggered precisely on the beat.
  • Sequencer Direction parameter, which provides new options for sequencer
    playback direction: forward, reverse, ping-pong, and random.
  • Rest/tie note input during step recording on track 1 of the Sequencer.
  • Lock sequence, which allows you to continuously run the same sequence
    while changing presets/programs.
  • MIDI CC output from the Pro 2 sequencer.
  • Trigger/Gate CV output, which gives you the ability to send a per-step gate
    signal from the CV output of the Pro 2 Sequencer.
  • Alternate Tunings. The Pro 2 now ships with 16 preset alternative tunings
    ranging from Equal temperament to Indonesian Gamelan tunings. Other
    tuning sets can be downloaded if desired

The Sequential Pro 2 Firmware update 1.4 is available now for free for existing users!

More information here: Sequential 

Available here: Sequential Pro2 Synthesizer 

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