Rakit Metal Is A New Noise Percussion Synthesizer In A Small Box!

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Rakit Metal is not a new hard rock band but a portable DIY noise percussion Synthesizer that is small, versatile and affordable at the same time!

Metal does not always have to be the music towards metal but it can also sound electronic. With the release of Metal, Rakit has released a new portable noise percussion Synthesizer that is inspired by the metallic noise generators of the past.

Three sound modes are available here that are fed through a modified Polivoks filter and are triggered by hand or by external CV. An interesting little synth in my opinion that sounds nice and offers a lot of noisy percussive sounds for little money.

Rakit Metal


The Rakit Metal synth has a built-in VCA to shape the contour of the sound, fed through an adjustable sweep function to give rise to twisted shimmers, pitched-up drones, and chunky electro chops. The multi-mode filter has band pass and low pass settings, with controllable filter cutoff and enough Resonance to self-oscillate into oblivion. Ideal for hats, toms, kicks, bleeps, and sweeps!

It comes with a trigger input for live sequencing, CV control over cutoff frequency and an audio input to forge new sounds through its circuitry. Metal will be available in DIY kit form and as a completed unit.

Rakit Metal


  • Modes: Metal, White Noise, External Input.
  • Filter: Modified Polivoks (LP/BP).
  • Trigger: Built-in Piezo Mic / Gate Input.
  • CV Control: Filter Cutoff.
  • Power: 9V Battery / DC Supply.

Rakit Metal is available now for £45 GBP as DIY kit or for £65 GBP in a assembled version.

More information here: Rakit 

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