Polyend Tracker, Audio Workstation With Sampler, Synthesizer & FM Leaked

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Polyend ‘s newest product will be called Tracker and is a battery-operated audio workstation with a built-in sampler, Synthesizer, FM & more.

Now it went faster than expected. Polyend has been teasing a new hardware sampler for a few days, but today’s leak shows that it is significantly more than this. According to the leak (Polish store), the device is called Polyend Tracker and is capable of creating an entire music album. It’s inspired by the music composition programs from the 90s.

The leaks also say that it will feature a sampler, Synthesizer, and FM. The latter is not yet known whether it is an FM radio like the OP-1 or FM synthesis. We also do not know which synthesis is installed here: is it virtual analog, wavetable, FM …? Wavetable would be possible because the Medusa already has wavetable synthesis.

Polyend Tracker

Further, it’s can be powered by an internal power supply or by an external battery. Tracker lets you record and produces music anywhere as the leak reports. If this is well implemented and has a lot of exciting features, it can be a big competitor for the Deluge groove box.

Polyend Teaser Feb 27

Teasing, teasing! Yes, it is slick, it has a nice big knob, and yes it can sample too 🙂 More details in March.

Gepostet von Polyend am Donnerstag, 27. Februar 2020

Polyend Tracker will be announced on March 18th, 2020 and all details will follow the same day.

Source: Elektronauts   Sequencer.de

More information here: Polyend

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  1. “it can be powered by an internal power supply or by an external battery.”

    Now thats what I call an innovation! 😀

  2. There should be at least 5 knobs between the pads on the right between the sets of pads and 8 knobs between the 64 pads and the 8 black pads……tweek massive or 4 small knobs around the dial- lots of real estate left over -hopefully menu dive does something rad

  3. Rotary knobs and faders are still the preferred choice for eq’s mixing and mastering. I don’t care for the gazillions of button disease that’s all over any new desktop device nowadays. It spells means menu diving for sure. And does it really encourage finishing pieces this way..

    I’m excited about this, but not sure at all about that UI. We’ll see.

  4. I am wondering if it is actually possible to send the new product with all is going on…other companies announced that close for a month and all the production and shipping will be stop..

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