Cycling74 Released Max 8 Sneak Preview Video Series!

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Cycling74 has released today a series of new videos, offering a sneak preview of the new features of the upcoming Max 8.

Max 7 by Cycling74 is one of the most exciting and versatile software audio & visual programming environments in the music industry.  The software is gladly used by artists who would like to have absolute freedom. So Max can used to connect music with video (audiovisual areas) but also to develop completely new instruments/effects etc.

Over the weekend, Cycling74 has released a series of videos on YouTube that offers you a sneak preview of the upcoming Max 8. The new version will features new mappings, Vizzie 2, node for max, major performance improvements, faster loading and more.

Cycling74 Max 8 will be available in September 2018.

More information here: Cycling74 

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