Streemur For iOS Allows To Create Soundscapes With Audio From The Internet

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With Streemur from CIT, you can create soundscapes on your iOS device with streaming audio from the internet!

CIT has released Streemur, a new streaming internet audio soundscaping app for iOS. Streemur is an Inter-App Audio enabled app that has 50 performance pads that can stream audio over the internet. It comes with IAA and AUv3 effects support to streams in supported DAW with AUv3 compatibility (GarageBand, AUM, Auria Pro, Cubasis…)

It’s an interesting app for experimental musicians, sound designers and artists. Streemur is an universal and runs on iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch. Musicians can start playing directly with the app using over 40 preset randomized internet audio streams. Beside this, it’s possible to use up to 5 presets for own sounds. If using Streemur as an IAA node, be sure to start your IAA host first!

Sound Test Room Demo

Streemur by CIT is now available on the Apple App Store for $2.99 USD.

Available here: Streemur 

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