Munich Is Calling! First Knobs & Wires Synthesizer Festival Will Take Place On 2 June!

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On the 2nd of June, the Bavarian Synthesizer friends will be travelling to Munich to the first Knobs & Wires Synthesizer Festival

More and more synth festivals are emerging worldwide. Now there is also the first festival for friends of these electronic instruments in Munich. On 2nd of June, the first Knobs and Wires festival will take place, consisting of a fair with many developers,  DIY workshops as well as concerts in the evening. If you are a synth fan from this region, than don’t miss this new festival.

Official Press Release

The Synthesizer is at the center of a growing global scene of musicians, playing DIY or exploring new soundscapes or even filling entire stadiums. He is the instrument of a hopefully-modern future, a symbol of a humanity that communicates across the seas and borders and is able to communicate globally. The Synthesizer connects people across cultural boundaries. In its original and again most recent form, as a modular system, it is the development and instrument of an open culture. In this spirit, the Knobs & Wires Festival takes on the challenge of representing the cultural diversity of our society in 13 concerts, 8 workshops and 7 lectures, as well as an accompanying exhibition and fair, as broadly as possible.

Live Acts
  • Ströme, Driftmachine, Colossus of the Road, Moritz Simon Geist, Meng Qi
  • John Dee, HHNOI, Entropie, Tobias Grewenig, Mathias Kettner, Kukla, Peter Picheler und das Temporäre Klangmuseum
  • Bastl Instruments & Snazzy FX, Leaf Audio, Little Karp, Paper Bits & Teensy Controllers
  • Workshops topics: creative sequencing & sequencer modulation, Eurorack Synthesizer, music-robots, history of the Trautoniums as well as music making with analog and digital technologies & history of the pioneers of electronic music

Fair includes the following developers & shops:
  • Analogue Solutions, Bastl Instruments, Dadamachines, Doepfer, Dreadbox, Endorphines, Frap Tools, Hieber Lindberg
  • Instruō, Leaf Audio, Moog, Novation, Polyend, Schmidt-Synthesizer, SnazzyFX,
  • Synth-Werk, Tangible Waves und Teenage Engineering.

Tickets are now available for 20€

More information here: Knobs & Wires 

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