Waves Announced FLEX – Rent-To-Own Subscription Service!

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Rent from now on 10 Waves plugins, pay a monthly fee of $19.99 USD and after 24 months you have the ownership of the plugins.

The plugin market is changing. More and more manufacturers are switching to the subscription model. Now Waves, the company known for their monthly special deals are also offering a rent-to-own plugin service with the name FLEX. The business model is simple: choose 10 plugins (additional 3 plugins as bonus during the introduction), pay $19.99 USD per month and after 24 months of payments, you can receive the full ownership of the 10 (13) plugins. It’s also possible to stop the subscription any time you want.

The rent-to-own principle is, in my opinion, the fairest in the subscription world, as you will later become the owner of the plugins. The other method involves paying for software products and you never become the owner of the software. I think this will probably be the future of plugins as the companies hereby can guarantee a constant flow of money. For example, many companies can better survive and support their products with this. For me personal, this is the right decision from Waves to make a subscription service like this.

How It Works?

  • Pick your top 10 plugins from a vast selection of 85 award-winning plugins
  • Add 3 free plugins (limited-time bonus)
  • Monthly subscription of $19.99 USD
  • Own: finish the plan after 24 months and own your plugins for live.

Attention: not all Waves plugins are available in the FLEX Rent-To-Own subscription service, only a selection 85 plugins.

More information here: Waves 

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