Native Instruments New Effects Series Crush Pack Features 3 Plugins That Are Perfect For Distorted Sounds

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The new Effects Series Crush Pack plugin bundle by Native Instruments includes everything you need to create innovative and crazy distorted sounds!

What has been leaked recently in a forum thread is now true. The developers team of Native Instruments worked in the past months on a new range of effect plugins. Effects Series – Crush Pack includes three new plugins that covers different types of distortion. Bite is a bit-crusher/sample rate reducer, Dirt a distortion and Freak a multi-mode modulation device.

Each plugin includes a good selection of different parameters that allow you to design a variety of distorted sounds. As with the Mod Pack, the developer team relies again on a small but easy-to-use interface.


Crush Pack features three VST/AU/AAX plugins: bitcrusher and sample rate reducer called Bite, a distortion effect called Dirt, and a multi-mode modulating device called Freak. 234 carefully designed presets showcase the huge range of tonal distortion possible.

Bite recreates the sonic imperfections that defined hip-hop and dance music’s first golden era, but it takes things much further. It allows a wide sonic palette, from authentic 80s organic digital crunch to depth-charged extremes. Modern features like auto-input/output compensation ensure controlled chaos.

Dirt offers organic-sounding distortion, crafted by sound designers. Flexible signal routing, blending, and other carefully crafted parameters allow unusual levels of control. Unlike the stompboxes upon which its sound is based, Dirt’s controls are calibrated for subtle tone-shaping (even when delivering extreme sonic results), and powerful features such as wavefolding allow complex, dynamic timbres, even from simple sources like sine waves.

Freak (derived from ‘frequency shifting’) delivers three sound-bending modulation types in one plug-in. Innovative modes like retro radio lo-fi, stereo modulation, and wild sidechain ability sit alongside classic AM, ring mod, and frequency shifting techniques. This range allows detuned horror-style vocals, rich metallic timbres, rhythmic sidechaining, the sound of vintage broadcasts or alien transmissions, and more.

Effects Series Crush Pack by Native Instruments is now available for VST/AU/AAX or 69€/$69 USD. Mod Pack owners can upgrade to Crush Pack now at the NI Online Shop for 44€/$44 USD.

More information here: Effects Series – Crush Pack

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