Create Your Own Tune Using Song Maker For Google Music Lab

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Google Chrome Music Lab is an online platform that make learn music more accessible to everyone. The main aim of this release is to offer people (young to old) an straightforward way to discover the process of music making. Also, it’s a very interesting tool for teachers that enhance the way how they teach music theory per example.

Today the company announced the official release of SongMaker, a new functionality of the Chrome Music Lab.

Song Maker

Beside Chrome Music Lab, Google added for this year’s Music in Our School Months, a new experiment to the website called Song Maker. It invites everyone to make a song directly in the browser without log in or make an account. An advantage is that you can use it on ever device from phones, tablets to computers. People can use it than at home or teacher in the school. The final result can be also exported via a share link.

More information here: Google Chrome Lab 



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