Flintpope Introduced Silver – New Sample Layer Player For Reaktor 6

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Flintpope has announced today a new interesting instrument for Native Instruments Reaktor.  Silver is a new straightforward sample layer player that features four independent samplers with 36 samples each. The four samplers allows users to layer different sounds very easy together.

Beside this, it comes with an envelope, reverb & echo effects as well as velocity sensitivity. The instruments comes with 30 presets but you can load also your own samples in it. If you are Reaktor 6 user and search for an easy-to-use sampler than check out absolutely Silver.


As an indie sound designer for Reaktor 6, apart from instrument functionality I also have to consider “what’s the angle?” – what makes this device different from the thousand others out there? And indeed from all the others I’ve released so far.

Well, anyone of the 52908 downloaders of Flintpope instruments would know I’m obsessed with soundscapes – long, ambient atmospheric creations that send the listener off on a Headphone Journey, into a bit of a Tonto’s Expanding Headband mood.

So, is this one any different? NO! It’s more soundscapes. More and more soundscapes, but better produced than previously thanks to the 4 channel mixing desk with 3-way EQ and not two but FOUR samplers each loaded with 36 DIFFERENT Flintpope samples to each other, making 144 unique sounds that can be layered in up to 1296 possible combinations.

Flintpope Silver for Reaktor 6 (Full Version) is now available for $10 USD.

More information here: Silver 

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