NAMM Rumours! Is Waldorf Presenting A New String Synthesizer This Year?

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The NAMM has not started yet but many developers published news on new instruments and effects. More and more leaks are coming out. So also from Waldorf. Actually expected at the NAMM the final version of the Quantum Synthesizer but apparently there is still another device coming. On the BHPhotovideo website, there is a new Waldorf String Synthesizer leaked in the evening with the name STVC.

There are not a lot of information available but what we know is that is based on the Streichfett String Synthesizer engine. The engine is packed inside a Blofeld Keyboard like rugged metal case with a 49-note keyboard. It features also a gooseneck microphone for playing maybe vocoder like string sounds.

More information will follow when Waldorf releases the details. Let’s see how much the developer have changed the engine and the sound character. According to BHPhotoVideo website, the synth will cost $899 USD.

Leaked information: BHPhotoVideo website 

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