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As you know, 2017 was the year of subscriptions. In addition to plug-in manufacturers, sample library developers have also jumped on the train. One of them is NOIIZ, a platform that offers music producers for an annual fee unlimited sound content downloads. Currently, members can access Synthesizer presets (ES2, FM8, Massive, Monark, Serum, Sylenth…), over 100.000 royalty-free samples (one-shoot, loops,…) and much more.

Very soon, the company will also launch a very simple free sampler that will allow you directly to edit and play backt the samples. Additional, the NOIIZ team plan to release additional plugins available for the members as well as monthly new sound content.

Since 31.01.2017, I am a private user of NOIIZ because I was very interested in how the whole thing was going to develop. I took the $89 USD early-bird subscription and I have to say that I am very happy with the performance so far. Monthly new samples have been added but also new preset libraries for Synthesizer plugins. For example, users currently have access to nearly 800 presets for the Sylenth 1 Synthesizer mostly designed by the sound designers of Samplephonics .

If you are a user of this synth plugin then you are already on the winning page with this subscription. A detailed review will be published just before the end of my first subscription where I describe my experience in more detail.

Above all, the most interesting point in NOIIZ is the licensing process. If you download samples or presets to your hard-drive, you can continue to use the sounds also after the subscription. There are not limited to your subscription and so you can use them also in 10 years. In my opinion, a really good and fair offer.

At the moment there is an offer that should not be missed if you are interested in NOIIZ. Until January 13, 2018, you will get the NOIIZ annual membership for just $99 USD ($100 USD OFF). That’ too expensive for you? No problem! Because you are regular SYNTH ANATOMY reader, you get another $20 USD rebate here. So the annual subscription only costs you $79 USD. A very interesting deal for everyone who likes to work with many different samples.

To benefit from the offer, please use the link below. The additional discount will be activated.

Available here: SYNTH ANATOMY NOIIZ Deal 

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