Native Instruments Reaktor 6 User Library – October Roundup

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October is already over and we are already in November. Powerful and useful virtual instruments, effects or midi devices don’t always have to cost money, which demonstrated again nicely the new releases in the Native Instruments Reaktor 6 user library. Here are my highlights from the month October.

Latch&Patch V2.x By Moshe Banano

Latch& Patch V2.X ,already mentioned in the September list, is a powerful front panel patching modular Synthesizer for Reaktor 6. It based on 2 oscillators (4 waveforms with FM and PWM functionalities) and a sub oscillator. The oscillator section travel than further in two filters with different characteristics. The modulation section is powered by 4 envelopes (ADSR, inverted polarity ADSR, AHR & AR) and 3 LFO’s with different waveforms. Than you have also a delay section and a mixer as well as a master output.

Available here: Latch& Patch V2. X

Custom LFO By Paul Rogat 

Custom LFO made by Paul Rogat is a LFO block with custom modulation patterns. You can draw and switch between 8 shapes.

Available here: Custom LFO

Custom OSC – Remix of Buzzl by Colugo – Paul Rogat

Paul Rogat’s Custom OSC is an oscillator block based on the BUZZL with a bigger GUI, an alternative interpolated mouse draw, a bigger wavetable size and a third mod source.

The initial BUZZL is an oscillator which allows you to draw up to 8 custom waveforms and morph between them. The FM processing is taken from the Bento Box.

Available here: Custom OSC 

External Audio Effect By Jonathan Tremblay

External Audio Effect is an block that can be used to send audio signals to an external audio effect and return its audio output.

A clever addition to the block system in my opinion which exist as a mono and stereo version.

Available here: External Audio Effect 


EMPHASIZER is a very accurate harmonic processor for the Reaktor 6 Blocks system for emphasizing details of your mix

Available here: EMPHASIZER 

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