Native Instruments Reaktor 6 User Library – September Roundup

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Once again, a month is over and we are already in October, where we all hope to see many new interesting things from the music industry. Beautiful virtual instruments don’t always have to cost money, which demonstrated again nicely the new releases in the Native Instruments Reaktor 6 user library. Here are my highlights from the September.

Sequenced Sample Sections by Joe King 

Sequenced Sample Sections is an ensemble instrument with 4 independent sequencers which control the sample section of samples. You can compare this ensemble with the Sugar Bytes Egoist, where you can also trigger snippets from samples using a sequencer.

More informations here: Sequenced Sample Sections

Orbiter 4MXL – Blocks Build By  Olivio Sarikas

Orbiter 4MXL is a unique collection of blocks ready-to-use presets which doesn’t feature a classical oscillator as sound source. It based on a noise generator  that is running through a fixed filter bank and 4 parallel filters. It can create very versatile sounds, from natural sounds to space pads. It’s layout was designed to be intuitive and playful. I downloaded yesterday the library while writing this article and I’m quite impressed by this cool collection 200 presets. Excellent release for creating more experimental sounds.

More informations here: ORBITER 4MXL 

FMathix -“Master-Slave” By Moshe Banano 

FMathix-Master-Slave is a Synthesizer with a quite complex synthesis architecture. The oscillators are divided into two “Master” and “Carrier” each one of them is divided into two as well: “Top” and “buttom”. Each oscillator includes 4 classic waveforms: sawtooth, pulse, triangle, and sine. The top section of the carrier oscillator can be synced to the top section of the master oscillator. The bottom section of the carrier oscillator can be synced additionally to the bottom section of the Master oscillator. Than the carrier osc includes an FM knob with a “15K smoother” producing a smooth hard sync automation when using a DAW. The bottom section of the master can be fed with the signal from the top section using the PWM knob when using Pulse waveform in the bottom master oscillator. This was only a part of the architecture.

FMathix comes than with several ladder filter emulations (lowpass -24dB/oc (4pole) to -6 dB/oct w/unit DC (1pole), highpass -24dB/oct (4-pole) and bandpass -12dB/oct (4-pole)) The filter is also controllable by an additional ADSR envelope. And for more movements in the sounds an LFO is provided. The filter mode LFO made from a Slave-Osc. and can be synced to the bottom section of the Master Osc by clicking the “Sn2Btm” button (*the S&H form is an LFO module and can’t get synced.). Important to mention, it’s a polyphonic unison synth with up to 6 voices to spread.

Great sounding but quite complex free instrument for Reaktor 6

More informations here: FMathix -“Master-Slave” By Moshe Banano 

2SYN R-Gen by  Nicholas Johnstone

Have always dreamed of playing your Reaktor 6 instruments with your guitar. Now it’s possible. What you need is a good pickup system like the Roland GK3 system and this free ensemble for Reaktor 6. 2YN takes the 6 signals from a hex pickup in electric guitar and turns them into MIDI notes.

More informations here: 2SYN R-Gen 

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