Is ARTURIA Planning A Poly Synthesizer Or A Further Development Of The MiniBrute?

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Our colleagues from Synmag, the German Synthesizer magazine, found an interesting photo in the evening. There are apparently signs of a new ARTURIA synth. Whether this is a monophonic synth, possibly a further development of the MiniBrute or a completely new polyphonic Synthesizer, there is currently no information available. An Instagramer with the name “yuksek_partyfine” who has already several other older synths in his studio, has posted a photo where he wrote that he received a new ARTURIA synth which is currently in Beta and under NDA.

So what can that be? Let’s put together some ideas:

  • further development of the MiniBrute would make sense because the synth is already longer on the market (FM, two or three oscillators, sequencer, …)
  • a complete new designed analog mono Synthesizer that doesn’t based on the MiniBrute with patch memory per example
  • a PolyBrute, a polyphonic version of the MiniBrute. There are already many rumours available.
  • a complete new design analog poly Synthesizer with patch memory, at least three oscillators, maybe two filters, effects…?
  • or maybe a hybrid Synthesizer with an analog and digital core. (analog & digital oscillators, filters, …)
  • or something we don’t expect.

Here is the picture from Instagram

Je ne révélerai pas le contenu confidentiel de ce colis envoyé pour #arturia pour un #synth beta test. ???????

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Source: Synmag 

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