Do You Hear The Differences? KORG ARP Odyssey Vs. Arp Odyssei For iOS

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If you’re interested in iOS apps, it’s hard to get past KORG Apps. All KORG releases sound extremely good, have beautiful interfaces and are absolutely worth their money. The YouTuber and musician Marcus Padrini today published three interesting videos where the KORG ARP Odyssey compares with the app Odyssei.

Listening to all three demos, it’s easy to see how extremely well KORG has modelled this analog cult Synthesizer for the iPad. In my opinion, one hears almost no differences, maybe little differences in the filters. What I can say: if you plan to purchase a ARP Odyssey but don’t have the money, than check out absolutely the KORG Odyssei app. These videos demonstrates well the sound quality of it.

The legendary ARP sound, exquisitely reproduced in software. ARP ODYSSEi – A mobile analog synthesizer for iOS.

The ARP Odyssey of 1972 has earned an unshakable position as a classic analog synthesizer. In 2015, KORG produced the ARP ODYSSEY, a complete reproduction of the original. The ARP genes that shook the worldwide music scene are being passed on, and its history continues.

The next platform for the ARP ODYSSEY is iOS. We want the unforgettable ARP sound to be easily available on a device that as many as possible of today’s players can obtain; this resulted in the “ARP ODYSSEi” app for iPad / iPhone. Based on the revived ARP ODYSSEY, we used KORG’s proprietary CMT circuit modeling technology to reproduce the analog feeling and sound of the original as closely as possible. We’ve also given it numerous enhancements that are possible only with software, such as long-awaited polyphony and built-in effects.

The real analog ARP ODYSSEY, and now the uniquely evolved ARP ODYSSEi, brings the universal fascination and inimitable sound to every device.

Available here: ARP ODYSSEI for iOS 

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