Discover The Fieldkitar – One Of The Many Possible Applications Of The KOMA Elektronik’s Field Kit Series

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What happens when you take the KOMA Elektronik Field Kit and Field Kit FX on the road? Surely you sit down in the park and jam around. Wouter from KOMA has come up with something more interesting and assembled the Fieldkitar, a keytar based on both Field Kit products. In this video, you can see how versatile you can use both devices. Record a drum loop entirely from objects, capture little movements from the environment … You are free what you record and how do you manipulate it. Highly recommend to check out this new video release.

Join KOMA’s Wouter while he takes a walk around Schillerkiez, Berlin with his latest creation: the “Fieldkitar,” a mixture of the Field Kit and Field Kit FX, taped together with a strap so you can wear it and play it as an electro-acoustic keytar! Find sounds anywhere! All audio was recorded directly on a Zoom recorder and normalized for levels, without any additional editing. This portable setup is powered by the upcoming STROM Mobile (in stores January 2018), which allows you to power any 9V/12V music device from any type of 5V USB power bank, giving Field Kit and Field Kit FX users the possibility to really take their kits to the Field!

Features of the Field Kit FX 

The Field Kit FX is built up from 7 separate functional blocks all focused on mangling and changing incoming audio and CV signals. They are designed to operate together as a coherent addition to our Field Kit Electroacoustic Workstation or alternatively together with other pieces of music electronics with the ability to use control voltage signals. The Field Kit FX is a mad machine packed with a bunch of cool effects and features!

  • 4 channel VCA mixer
  • CV controlled spring reverb
  • CV controlled frequency shifter
  • CV controlled digital delay
  • CV controlled looper
  • CV controlled sample rate reducer / bit-crusher
  • Roll-O-Decks – cv generators
    • 4 steps step mini sequencer
    • Envelope generator
  • CV interface

More information about the Kickstarter campaign here: Field Kit FX 

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