Add 4 Individual Outputs To Your Elektron Analog Four MKI Via A DIY Hack

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If you ask users of the Analog Four MKI Synthesizer, one wish is dominant. They want for each synth engine an individual output. With the new Analog Four MKII, Elektron has not only changed the designed, but also installed the desired four outputs. What you also hear from users is that only a few take the step to upgrade to the new model because of the new 4 outputs. So it’s normal that musicians try to find other possibilities.

As one can now see in the Elektron forum, a user (panelist) has found a way how to upgrade the Analog Four MKI cost-effectively.

The user wrote that in the Analog Four MKI, there is an empty footprint on the PCB where you can solder wires into. So basically, Elektron already did half of the work for you.

With this hack you can route four separate synth tracks out of these new four outputs. One of my friends on Facebook did this hack already and he report this: Yes the four separate synth tracks. You can also route 4 audio tracks into them via your daw with side chain settings on Overbridge.

There are currently some minor problems/restrictions  when you do this hack

  • You can’t route them post FX, the FX are only on the stereo out
  • If you use a mono cable in an individual stereo output, it shorts one of the L/R channels out of the main mix. So the outputs could stand to be further buffered

Here is a video where a user modified the Elektron Analog Four with four individual outputs

If you make these, you will lose your warranty on the device but in many cases it’s already expired. As you hear from users, it’s an relatively easy hack. How to say so often: No risk no fun.

More information here: Analog Four MKI DIY 4 Outputs Hack 

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