ZYLIA’s ZM-1 Is Now On Indiegogo & Allows You To Record Entire Sound Scenes With Only One Microphone

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On this year’s NAMM show, the team of ZYLIA presented me the ZM-1, a new microphone system that allows you to record an entire sound scenes with only one microphone. Even if you are an amateur musician, you record your live sessions with multiple microphones to get the best possible sound quality. The new ZM-1 try to break this big expense and offers you a smart recording solution with only one microphone. With a clever an intuitive software package, you can achieve very easy big recordings also an amateur band.

Interesting new product in my opinion especially for music bands with a lower budget which want to record their live concerts with a minimum of efforts. The developers of ZYLIA contacted me to say that it’s now available for pre-order on the crowdfunding platform IndieGoGO. If you are interested in this product and want to save some money, than support the company on this website.


Poznan, Poland: The language of music is fascinating and being a musician is all about playing, expressing and sharing your passion with the world. When it comes to capturing the moment of inspiration nothing has really changed the game since the introduction of multi-track recording back in 1950’ies.

For the past three years the team at Zylia has been working hard on developing what is currently being referred to by the industry as a revolution in music recording.

The ZYLIA ZM-1 let’s you record multiple instruments simultaneously and then intelligently separates each individual instrument from the full audio mix – while preserving the natural acoustic colour of the individual instrument tracks.

For musicians this means unrestricted creativity and introduces a whole new live, multi-track recording experience where e.g. a full band can be recorded with only one microphone. Something no other product has been capable of achieving up until this point.

Check out also our video from NAMM 2017

More informations here: ZYLIA ZM-1

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