Epic Sound Lab The Forge Sample Library For Kontakt 5 Review

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In this new review, I checked out The Forge, a Kontakt 5 sample library by Epic Sound Lab. In short: it’s a powerful virtual instrument with a great sound quality and useful sounds.

The Forge by Epic Sound Lab is a sample library that features over 3.4 GB of high-quality samples. All this is powered by a new scripted Kontakt 5 interface. Interesting here is that theForge is not only a classic instrument but also a tool for creating own sounds.


The Forge comes with over 3GB of sample content, delivered in classic .wav files and in Kontakt 5 format. The sound design team created over 200 Kontakt presets that gives musicians a ready-to-use instrument. The sounds range from drones, drums, impacts, loops, melodic, SFX, sweeps, synthetic and tuned percussion. The sample content is built-in an advanced user interface that features different good features: arpeggiator, polyphonic sequencer and rhythmic gater.

To refine the sounds, users have the possibility to activate a wide range of effects: distortion, saturation, punch, EQ, delay and a dual engine reverb. The interface enables also to create sounds using unison and voice stacking.

Creation Of Own Instruments

One of the strengths of the Forge is that you have the opportunity to import your own samples. These can be further processed in the Kontakt 5 interface and so you can build your own unique instruments.

Video Review & Sound Demo


In total, The Forge has left a good impression during the test. The library includes in my opinion a big amount of versatile sounds from drones, drums, synthetics, piano… in high-quality. The entire interface is easy to use and you can still ruffle a lot from the finished presets. Also positive to mention is the low CPU consumption during the test. Although my system is a relative old, there was never any CPU problems with this product.

In my opinion, the Forge is a perfect sample library for beginners and hobby composers. Even if I place this product in the beginner’s area, it fits just as well in the professional price. Since professional composers already have large amounts of sound libraries, the only risk is that you already have similar sounds.

The only criticism would be the actual normal selling price because with $189 I see this somewhat too high. Nonetheless, this sample library for Kontakt 5 includes a lot of great sounds, is easy-to-use and is more than just a sample-library. For the current promotion price of 39€, it’s an excellent possibility to dive in the world of Kontakt 5 libraries.


  • versatile sounds (drones, drums, synthetics, piano)
  • high quality sample content
  • good for film, TV and game composers
  • easy-to-use Kontakt 5 interface
  • low CPU consumption
  • perfect for beginners and hobby composers


  • risk for professional composers: maybe you have already similar sounds
  • $189 price tag

More information here: The Forge 

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