CALC-U Synth Is Heavyocity’s Latest Collaboration With Icebreaker Audio & Is Not A Simple Casio VL-Tone Emulation For Reaktor 6

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Every time Heavyocity comes together with Icebreaker Audio, a very special instrument for Native Instruments Reaktor comes out. Also this time. My German-speaking readers probably remember the title “Da Da Da” by Trio. This band uses a particular instrument, the Casio VL-Tone, for this well-known title. To date, it is a very well-known instrument because of its simplicity and the iconic sound character. CALC-U Synth is the latest product of both companies and emulates this famous sound of this vintage instrument from Casio.

It’s not only a simple emulation made with Reaktor but it can be also used with all other Blocks available in this system because it’s designed with this framework. So you can see this as Casio VL-Tone modular version. On top, it’s also compatible with the free Reaktor Player. If you search this iconic sound for your music production than check out this new release.

Calc-U-Synth is an emulation of the Casio VL-Tone, the classic digital calculator/Synthesizer hybrid released in the summer of 1979 and manufactured until 1984. The VL-Tone can be run in one of two main modes: calculator or Synthesizer. The Synthesizer is a monophonic instrument that has 5 preset sounds as well as a user programmable 6th slot called ADSR. Calc-U-Synth was created using the Reaktor Blocks framework, which means that if you own the full version of Reaktor, you can incorporate the blocks into your own creations.

Calc-U-Synth was designed to present the full capabilities of the VL-Tone’s programmable feature in a more convenient interface, while retaining the character of the instrument. Great care was taken to measure and reproduce every aspect of the original accurately. The VL-Tone had its own build-in speaker, which was analyzed and modeled for an authentic tone. For added lo-fi realism, the key-click sounds of playing the instrument were also sampled and included. You can dial in as much, or as little as you like. The sound was then expanded using a number of effects and performance options including an arpeggiator., circuit bending glitch controls, and a filter & delay effect module.

Icebreaker Audio, the brainchild of Adam Hanley, was created in 2011 as an outlet for boutique product concepts and personal obsessions. Adam’s name appears in the credits of many high-profile Kontakt and Reaktor products, working on anything from African drums to additive synthesis. He is also responsible for the Kontakt scripting at Heavyocity, pushing the platform to the limit in order to bring even the craziest of ideas to life. Calc-U-Synth was born out years of R&D into lo-fi synthesis and vintage electronics, combined with Adam’s deep appreciation for the digital retro charm of the VL-Tone.


  • Requires Reaktor or Reaktor Player (version 6.2 or later)
  • Size: 19.5 MB (on disk)
  • Available as direct download only
  • 74 Snapshots
  • 9 Reaktor Blocks for Reaktor Full users

CALC-U-Synth is now available for $19 (regular $29) for Reaktor 6 and 6 Player

More informations here: CALC-U-Synth 


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