Lennar Digital Sylenth1 Is Now Available Also With A Monthly Subscription Plan

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The software synthesizer Sylenth 1 is for many electronic musicians not replaceable. Many best-known EDM producers work with this software synth every day and described as main source of inspiration. Due to the high popularity of this instrument, he is still one of the best sellers in this area but unfortunately also in the cracked download lists.

In order to do something against this and to offer this popular Synthesizer a little more cheaply to even more music producers, the developer Lennar Digital goes new marketing routes.  From now on, Sylenth1 is not only available as a complete purchase, but also in a subscription plan. Inspired by the Xfer Records Serum Synthesizer concept, you can now rent Sylenth1 for $ 9.99 per month.

When you have reached the selling price, you are the complete owner of it. You can, however, suspend this subscription at any time if you don’t need the plugin, for example. Here you have to be aware that in this stopped moment, the plugin doesn’t work in your DAW anymore.

I think this will be the future for virtual instruments because so the developers have a monthly revenue also in months where it’s calmer.

What do you think about his news? Can you imagine paying this price per month and get the opportunity to use the Lennar Digital Sylenth1 in your music production? Please let me know your opinion.

More informations here: Lennar Digital Sylenth1 


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