Soft Synth Shootout: Which Jupiter 8 Emulation Is Closest To The Original?

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Almost every month, new emulations of old Synthesizers as a plug-in or iOS app come onto the market. Because some hardware devices are today harder to get, to expensive second hand or no longer available, musicians prefer to buy a solid reproduction. In our modern world today, you can find not only reproductions in software form but also in hardware like in the Roland Boutique series. If you want to use multiple instances of the Jupiter 8 at the same time, than you must jump on a software emulation.


In the area of Roland Jupiter 8, there are three emulations of three well-known music brands which are in a permanent duel

  • Roland Jupiter 8 (Roland Cloud)
  • Arturia JUP-8V
  • U-he DIVA

They stand daily in the duel who is the best Jupiter 8 emulation. Starsky Carr, a youtuber released a new excellent video where he compares all three emulations to each other with the help of sound demos and gives you at the end a conclusion what he prefer.

I have all three versions on my system and I must admit that I really love the Jupiter 8 from Roland and U-he. Unfortunately both plugins consume quite a lot of CPU but both have an absolute stunning sound quality.

Please let me know on Facebook or in the comments which Jupiter 8 you prefer and why. Thanks in advance for your input.

Available here:

Roland Jupiter-8 from the Roland Cloud 

Arturia Jup-8V 



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