The Elektron Octatrack MKII Is Here! Improved Design, Hi-Res Encoders & More

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If one is philosophising today about Sampler, one quickly comes to the Octatrack of Elektron, as this device is one of the best currently available Sampler on the market. With the Digitaktm the Swedish development team has proven that one can bring also a very function and easy to operator Mono Sampler on the market which is also affordable for everyone. 

In order to avoid the design language of the Digitakt, Elektron today presented a further development of the Octatrack. This update is more a cosmetic update than a completely new development. The new Octatrack MKII includes now the same crisp OLED screen known from his little brother Digitakt, ultra durable back-lit buttons and new contactless silky smooth performance crossfader. Also the new version includes the new precise, hi-res encoders developed by Elektron and also better balanced audio inputs with plenty of headroom. As you can see, the update doesn’t bring new features but is more a design update to offering the customers the same high-standard of processing as known from the Digitakt.


Octatrack MKII is an eight track performance sampler and sequencer, designed for both live performers and studio producers. Thanks to its clever combination of internal tracks, MIDI tracks and in- and outputs, it is perfect as the centre piece in any rig. The sample engine, which features time-stretch and pitch-shift in real time, is capable of radically transforming and reshaping samples in an instant.

In short what’s new?

  • Crisp OLED screen providing optimal feedback in dimly lit environments
  • Ultra durable back-lit buttons. Rated for 50 million presses
  • Contactless silky smooth performance crossfader
  • Precise, hi-res encoders
  • Increased amount of dedicated buttons enabling quicker workflow
  • Balanced audio inputs with plenty of headroom

Octatrack MKII features

  • 8 stereo audio tracks.
  • 8 dedicated MIDI tracks.
  • Instant stereo sampling.
  • Real time sample time-stretch & pitch-shift.
  • 2 × insert FX per audio track.
  • 3 × LFO per track.
  • Live friendly Elektron sequencer.
  • Contactless performance crossfader.
  • 1 × ¼” headphones output.
  • 2 × ¼” impedance balanced main output.
  • 2 × ¼” impedance balanced cue output.
  • 4 × ¼” balanced external input.
  • 1 × USB 2.0 High Speed port.
  • MIDI IN/OUT/THRU ports.
  • Ultra crisp 128 × 64 OLED screen.
  • Precise hi-res encoders.
  • Durable back-lit buttons rated for 50 million presses.
  • W340 × D185 × H63 mm (8.5 × 7.2 × 2.5″) including knobs and rubber feet.
  • Weight approx. 2.3 kg (5 lbs).
  • Fully compatible with Octatrack MKI projects/data.

The Octatrack MKII will start shipping in August, priced at 1,449 EUR / $1,349 USD. 

More informations here: Elektron Octatrack MKII


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