It Was Only For Short – Moog Music Will Discontinue The Minimoog Model D Reissue

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Before Behringer will release his upcoming Minimoog clone, Moog Music surprise us today with a sad news. The company announced today that the Minimoog Model D reissue released in 2016, will be discontinued very soon. If you always want to have a Minimoog Model D and want to spend more on the original, then this is the last call. If the last units are made, it will be difficult to buy a new original one except you will be satisfied by the new Behringer D Synthesizer. Time to say goodbye to a true iconic analog hand-made Synthesizer.

The Minimoog Model D was originally introduced in 1970 and built until 1981. Then in May 2016, we resumed building the Minimoog Model D for the first time in 35 years. Orders for the synthesizer quickly outpaced our initial estimates, leading to the addition of a night-shift to meet demand for the iconic instrument. Our parts-inventory for the Minimoog Model D project was originally expected to span multiple years of manufacturing, but is being consumed at a much higher rate than anticipated. Thus, this second historical production run of the Minimoog Model D will reach completion much earlier than intended, and this marks the final opportunity to acquire a new Minimoog Model D.

The Minimoog Model D has been a part of our daily lives here at the Moog Factory for over a year now, and is woven into the fabric of our history. As we draw closer to the end of this limited production run, we reflect on this labor of love as one of the most rewarding and joyful projects we have ever undertaken.  

Contact your local authorized Moog Dealer or distributor to inquire about purchasing one of the final Minimoog Model D analog synthesizers.

A lovely new demo of the Moog Minimoog Model D Synthesizer

Thank you for sharing in this creation and joining us on this magical journey.

More informations here: Moog Minimoog Model D

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