Have A Look At The Development Process Of The Roger Linn LinnStrument

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The Roger Linn LinnStrument is an innovative electronic music instrument with a surface with five dimensions of touch that allows musicians to play very expressive and different than on normal music controllers. One of the key features of the LinnStrument is the new MPE (Multidimensional Polyphonic Expression) specification. MPE is a new method of using MIDI in a different way that enables these devices to control multiple parameters of every note. Per example, you can control pitch, timbre and other parameters with each note, impossible with standard MIDI controllers. 

The software architecture of the LinnStrument is made by Geert Bevin, also known as one of the developers behind the great Moog Music iOS apps Animoog, Filtration or Model 15.  Beside creating high quality apps, he supports in different ways this new innovative MPE technology. During the GeekOut conference in Estonia, he presented the basics of the LinnStrument but also dives very deep in every hardware and software technical details.

If you always wanted to know how this innovative instrument was designed, than check out the video of this presentation. Very deep in a lot of moments but very interesting. 

Check it out here

More informations here: Roger Linn Design

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