TC-Helicon Brings Vocal Sample Synthesis Inside The New Perform-VE Vocal Manipulator

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TC-Helicon, the subsidiary of TC-Electronic, released today a very interesting new device that allows to work with vocal sample synthesis inside a compact sampler. It allows you loop voice or any other audio source, transform the sounds and apply effects on it. With the new TC-Helicons Vocal Sample Synthesis technology, you can create very quick new and different vocal sounds without using samples but your own voice. On top, after recording your voice inside the device, you can use a MIDI keyboard and play your created voice sound directly with any keys. 

The new TC-Helicon is in my opinion a very portable vocoder like instrument / effect that helps especially vocalist a lot to create own new timbres for new songs. I’m curious how good this device will work with other audio signals like Synthesizers or field recordings. Looking forward to checking out one day this device in live. 

DO IT LIVE! A Revolutionary Vocal Manipulator with Vocal Sample Synthesis and One-Button Drum Looper,PERFORM-VE lets you instantly create iconic vocal sounds from today’s most popular EDM, Pop and Dance recordings. With everything from real-time pitch flattening and extreme sample manipulation to tried and true spatial effects, altering, and looping – PERFORM-VE turns every show into a captivating performance.

DO IT AGAIN. Record your vocal samples live, modify them, and then replay them via MIDI control to give a truly interactive and dynamic performance.

DO IT WEIRD. You can easily use the PERFORM-VE to shift, modulate and mangle your vocals with the synth vocoder effect for a completely transformed sound that will mesmerise your audience.

DO IT FASTER. PERFORM-VE’s innovative one-button looper with built-in drum samples lets you build impressive sounds on the flDy.

DO IT IN SYNC. Keep your gear in sync thanks to PERFORM-VE’s ability to receive MIDI tempo data from a wide range of external devices – unlimited versatility.

DO IT CLEANER. PERFORM-VE’s Adaptive tone automatically applies EQ, compression, de-essing, and gating optimization, so vocals always sound clean and clear – letting you focus on the fun stuff.

DO IT FOR KEEPS. Multi-channel USB audio lets you easily send audio to and from PERFORM-VE, bringing the studio to the stage and back again.


Feature Summary

  • Sample your voice,  flatten the pitch and replay via MIDI control
  • Shift, modulate and mangle your vocals with synth vocoder effect
  • Innovative one-button looper with built-in drum samples lets you build sounds quickly
  • Receive MIDI tempo from external devices to keep everything in sync
  • Adaptive Tone for perfect EQ, compression, de-essing and gating
  • High-quality, low-noise mic preamp for pristine vocals
  • USB for streaming audio, preset downloads and  rmware updates
  • 3-Year Warranty Program*
  • Designed and engineered in Canada

More informations here: TC-Helicon Perform VE


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