New Open-Source Multi-Synthesis Mini DIY Synthesizer released by Moffenzeef Modular

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I really like wired and crazy desktop Synthesizers which produced very distinctive sounds. Moffenzeefmodular released this week a new experimental Synthesizer that allows changing the sound character and the synthesis technology simple by changing the chips. Per example, you can build a granular Synthesizer and you change it to an FM instrument by changing the chips. This is the simple way to change it. If you are good in coding, you don’t need to change the chips but only the source code. For simplify the procedure, the company offers a complete bundle of chips for under 30$ where you get direct access to wavetable, phase distortion, FM and AM synthesis. .
A really cool new devices which create very versatile sounds. For me it’s a great mini experimental synth because it allows to discover multiple different synthesis technology for just a budget price. Check out below all the informations and the sound demo about the new Mini Søund Generatør (MSG).

The “MSG” (Mini Sound Generator) is a desktop device whose brain is a small, swappable computer chip (Attiny85). The maker can interchange chips to alter the behavior of the instrument. Each chip contains a different synthesis technique: granular, phase distortion, amplitude modulation, and frequency modulation. 
Equipped with a 1/4” and DC power jack, this lil’ bastard feels at home while in the cømpany of other grubby “noise kid” devices – especially cheap delay pedals. MSG is for lovers of lofi, drone, noise, paranormal activity, and glitch!  

Source code can be downloaded from our github and tweaked to your liking free of charge, however, we are also offering our chip bundles for those who aren’t quite ready to take the plunge into code. The MSG ships with the granular algorithm as its default.


  • Large component spacing for DIY beginners
  • Socketed, swappable ATTINY85 
  • 4 selectable chips to choose from: granular, phase distortion, frequency modulation, amplitude modulation 
  • 1/4 Audio Jack 
  • 100k output impedance (to match your guitar amp and pedals) 
  • DC jack 
  • Battery clip 
  • Open source
  • A glithub with an overwhelming amount of helpful information 
The Moffenzeef Modular M.S.G (Mini Sound Generator) is now available their web store for 64.99$ as DIY Kit or assembled for 85$ from Control Voltage . The expansion chips are also available now for 29.99$ 
More informations here: Moffenzeef Modular MSG

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