TipTop Audio released Serge-based Fold Processor for Eurorack

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TipTop Audio released the Fold Processor, a new voltage controlled wave multiplier and sub-octave generator based on the Serge circuit design for the Eurorack format. The design is very intuitive and easy designed. From the audio demos, I can say that the sound quality is excellent. Looking forward to hear this in more sound demos. 

The Fold Processor is a voltage controlled wave multiplier and sub-octave generator. The circuit is based on a classic diode design that adds odd harmonics by folding the incoming signal, followed by subdivided square waves. The wave folder creates new waveforms from the standard sine, triangle, sawtooth and square waves, has a dedicated output jack and CV input with an attenuator making it very easy to create beautifully animated folding sounds. Adjustable voltage controlled Inject alters the bias point creating an even wider palette of sounds.

The subdivide generator squares the fold output generating 4 more sounds spaced one octave apart, each with its own gain knob and mixed to the Subdivide output jack. Mixing the four can create anything from discordant square wave swarms to sweet harmonic oscillator stacks, from a stable square version of the folded wave to freaky PLL like glitched slides.

Overall results can sound evil at times and sweet at others, a true multi-faced devil.

TipTop Audio Fold Processor is now available for £129.99

More informations here : TipTop Audio Fold Processor

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